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Baldwin DS 4-4-1000 Switcher

"Executive Line" Baldwin DS 4-4-1000 Switcher Locomotive SOO Red/White 23763 Road #312 w/sound

Price: $180.58
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Product#: BOW312

Extended Information:
Bowser HO 23764 Baldwin DS 4-4-1000 Switcher
Soo Line
Road number 312
(Tsunami Sound Equipped)

The Baldwin DS-4-4-1000 were two models of four-axle 1,000 horsepower diesel-electric switching locomotives built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1946 and 1951. The first models (56 locomotives) was powered by an 8-cylinder normally aspirated prime mover, but from 1948, a change was made to the second model powered by a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. These two models replaced the VO-1000 in Baldwin's catalog, and were in turn replaced by the S-12 in 1951

  • Features:
  • Air hoses
  • Windshield wipers
  • Grab irons
  • Coupler lift bars
  • Operating headlight
  • Window glass
  • Can motor
  • Flywheels
  • Nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges
  • Knuckle couplers
  • Available with sound and DCC or just DC. DCC ready with 8 pin plug.
  • Sound Locos are equipped with Digital Sound Decoders.

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